Wouldn’t It Be Great To Find A Chapter Book Series That Supercharged Your Child’s Reading!

The DaVinchy Chapter Book Series is an exciting new kids book series. It’s the first book series your kid can read on the computer. It’s full of amazing color illustrations that draw your child into reading the same way they get sucked into video games and movies.  These books have the action and adventure your kids crave. Plus (and this is a big plus!)  the pictures make it easy for your early chapter books readers, reluctant readers, and struggling readers to figure out the words – follow the story – and fall in love with reading!

The Chapter Book Series That Gets Your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Graders Reading!

Beginning chapter book readers will have to stretch a bit to read these books. They are written more on the level of a mid-second grader. But the remarkable thing is that we’ve seen 1st and 2nd graders want to stretch to read them. And the same thing goes for struggling and reluctant readers from 1st to 5th grade.

Kids describe the experience of the DaVinchy Chapter Book Series as the same as watching a movie – only you’re reading a book. So let ‘em stretch. Stretching is learning, right!

Fun-Loving (Early Chapter Book Readers, Reluctant Readers, Struggling Readers) All Love ‘Em!

The DaVinchy Chapter Book Series is a magnet for fun loving kids. Great readers, reluctant readers, early chapter book readers, and struggling readers – it doesn’t matter. They all love ‘em.  So if your kids shy away – or grimace when a book hits their hands – try them on the first free book. The action and adventure make these kids want to read.

The truth is that your little readers of all levels will love the stories. The characters, the action, the adventure- the incredible illustrations and words that go together — reading these books can seem as easy as breathing for kids. (But trust me – your kids are learning and growing as they fall in love and read the DaVinchy Series over and over again.)

We could tell you all the ways that The DaVinchy Chapter Book Series will make your kids fall in love with reading. But it’s much faster to sign up and get the first FREE BOOK and get started.

You Read Them On the Computer

Ok…so get some popcorn popped. Get your little reader in front of the computer screen. Make a fun time of it. And get your child reading!  Why on the computer? Well, think about it. Your kids do fun stuff on the computer – games, videos – brightly moving fun stuff. The computer makes them happy and excited. So we’re just going to trade on that excitement and plug ‘em into a good chapter book series. Your job is to make it happen and keep it light and fun! Fun is what supercharges learning. Once you sign up, we’ll give you a link to the books and a password…and away you’ll go, supercharging your child’s reading!

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